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Welcome to the Bassi Family!

Among all dog breeds, the Caucasian Shepherd or Ovcharka is certainly one of the most impressive. Besides its appearance, it convinces especially with its family-friendly and very protective nature. These qualities have contributed significantly to our decision to raise and sell just those dogs. From our experience, can say that the Ovcharka is the perfect dog for experienced dog owners with plenty of space and time.

A Caucasian Shepherd enriches our everyday life in many ways.

We discovered our passion for dogs in early childhood. However, no breed has inspired us as much as the Caucasian Shepherd. We have been living with these dogs for over ten years now and cannot imagine a life without them. Our first puppy's name was Toby. He convinced us from the beginning with his kind, but also very protective nature. Through him, we were able to gain a lot of experience in understanding and care and have become more and more familiar with the topic of dog breeding. In 2019 we have extended our Caucasian family. We now have four of these beautiful dogs. In 2020 we had our first litter of Caucasian Shepherd puppies.

Buying Ovcharka puppies - The first steps to owning a dog.

Our puppies - whether they were born in our home or come to us from abroad, grow up in the house and are well accustomed to life with children and other pets (we also have a St Bernard, a Chiweenie, cats, birds and tortoises).

Thus, they not only get to know different everyday situations but are also optimally prepared for life in a new family. From us, you will only get strong, healthy dogs, which convince with a balanced appearance and a good character.

We want our dogs to enrich the lives of people.
Caucasian Shepherds are much more than just animals for us - they are family!

We, Claudia, Jatinder and the rest of our family live in a small village in Leicestershire with plenty of space.

We hope you will enjoy browsing our website and find some useful information.
We will also put our new puppies up for sale here.

So, if you are interested, please get in touch.