Where to Buy?

From a breeder? From a shelter? From abroad? There are many ways to get a dog, and every future dog owner should think very carefully about which origin he chooses.

Beware of dumping prices.

Scepticism is appropriate if dogs are offered at dumping prices or too many puppies are advertised at the same time. A Caucasian for under £1500 per puppy - no serious breeder can cover the costs of rearing. Even for £1500, this is difficult. If dogs are offered cheap, this usually has a tragic background: Disastrous breeding conditions in backyards, cellars or converted barns are often the case. Mass breeding, in which bitches are abused as birthing machines and disposed of after a few years. Puppies that are illegally separated from their mothers at the age of four or six weeks. No deworming and vaccinations, but falsified vaccination cards and questionable health certificates.

And often even contagious diseases that circulate in mass breeding. Early socialisation and habituation to normal environmental stimuli fall by the wayside. And with them the supposedly favourable acquisition of the race dog. Thus, to the cheap purchase price, you can add costs for Vet treatments.

"It's good that my Caucasian is now in good hands", one may think, and superficially that is so. In fact, however each purchase of a dog originating from breeding farms supports the evil business of multipliers, who live from the pity of their buyers in the best way. The better the profit with the cheap commodity dog runs, the more often must the "birth machines" ran. As long as animal protection laws in this range do not seize effectively, the only possibility of working against this is not to buy a dog there.

Responsible breeders

If the lowest possible risk of problems is desired, search is for a responsible breeder. When checking the quality, detailed inquiries and a visit are entirely legitimate. A serious breeder gives honest information about his/her breeding experience and gladly opens the door to seriously interested parties. If all points of the adjacent checklist are provided with a checkmark, the puppy search is successful.

Please note:

No breeder can give a guarantee on his/her dogs. But at least he/she tries to create the right conditions.


The breeding bitch looks healthy, well-nourished and content.
The puppies are healthy, lively, and fearless.
The kennel is clean and well maintained.
The dogs have family contact, opportunities for exercise and their own areas.
The breeder asks whether the prospective customer has the requirements for keeping a large doglike this.
The dogs are verifiably vaccinated and dewormed.
The breeder willingly answers all questions.

When buying a Caucasian Shepperd Leicestershire from us, we make sure; the puppies come from a professional and responsible breeder.

We inspect the breeder's kennel regularly, without an appointment.

All our puppies come for passports, original paperwork, vaccination documents, worm-treatment and microchip.

Rummage sale puppies - no thanks!

A sight to fall in love with: A online photo shows a picture-perfect puppy looking into the camera with loyal eyes. The seller's text explains that it is a purebred animal, and then there is the price, which is well below the demands of other breeders. Every year, such advertisements convince thousands of animal lovers. Again, and again, however, dramatic weeks follow the purchase, because the dog is sickly or even dies.

To blame for it are the machinations of unscrupulous dealers, to whom it concerns only their financial advantage - and which go for it literally over dog corpses. The mothers are often held in Eastern Europe under the worst conditions. Through constant births, poor nutrition and lack of medical care, they are exhausted and traumatised at an early age.

Their puppies are snatched from them much too early. Often, they are sick, mostly unvaccinated. With forged papers, they are transported for days across Europe. The new owners, who have no idea what tortures the animals had to suffer, are not infrequently confronted with high veterinary costs and often even painfully with the puppies' early death. Meanwhile, the trade-in purebred puppies have become a professional million Pounds business with mafia-like structures. Online portals offer countless Ovcharka babies, almost weekly the police uncover illegal puppy transports during controls.

So please, make sure you buy from a good breeder!


Those who want to do good, sometimes decide to get a for a dog from the animal shelter or from an emergency placement of the breeding associations.

But please only do this if you are experienced and up to the task! This means to be able to deal with possible behavioural problems like fear, fear aggression, fear of loss, uncleanliness or an extreme hunting instinct in the long run. Caucasian Shepherds are very strong and can be quite stubborn if not trained from an early age.

Not all dogs from animal shelters and animal protection are problematic. But they do have a history that the new owner must be prepared for.

We as breeders and sellers of Caucasian Shepherds we always tell our potential customers to think twice before buying this kind of dog.

Do they have enough time, space and money to look after it? There are already too many dogs in shelters whose owners simply could not cope.